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Child Support And Child Custody

Divorces that involve children must be handled with care to minimize the impact on the children. Divorcing parents must move forward in the addressing of child support and child custody issues with the best interests of the children in mind. Though the amount of child support is set by state guidelines and determined by a formula, other factors such as child care and health care expenses may be taken into consideration. Legal custody (decision-making capacity) is usually awarded in a 50-50 split, while physical custody is often given to one parent with the other having visitation rights. But again, the continued health and well-being of the children are what are important during the determining of custody arrangements.

Spousal Support And Property Division

Not all divorces involve spousal support, but all will have some type of property and marital asset division. Sometimes still referred to as alimony, spousal support may be awarded if the court sees the need by one party. Property division in Mississippi is handled in an equitable and fair manner (called "equitable division") but that does not mean that all is divided 50-50.

Complicated Divorces

In some situations, a divorce may involve large amounts of marital assets. These complex divorces, also sometimes referred to as high net worth divorces, require the attention of a skilled lawyer who can address specific issues such as business valuation, division of retirements accounts and stock options, discovery of hidden assets, valuation of offshore accounts and more.

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