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What is covered by workers' comp?

No one goes to work thinking that they will suffer injuries in an accident; however, these incidents do occur. When an employee is injured, this can become troublesome, as it can impact his or ability to attend work. In order to address such instances where a worker was injured on the job, workers' compensation was devised. However, this is not designed for any worker injured, as there are requirements to receive these and certain situations where one does not qualify.

What is covered by workers' comp? In most cases, the workers' compensation payments received are modest. These payments typically cover medical care for the injury or illness suffered, replacement income, the cost to retrain, compensation for suffering a permanent injury and, in some cases, benefits for the survivors of a worker that is killed on the job.

It should be noted that if an injured worker is receiving workers' comp benefits, he or she is prevented from suing their employer. And while there is pain and suffering associated with a workplace injury, worker compensation does not cover pain and suffering damages. Finally, it shold be noted that not all accidents and injuries are covered by workers' comp. For example, it does not cover injuries suffered while a worker is under the influence, the injuries are self-inflicted, the employee was violating the law or company policy or when a worker was injured but not on the job.

Workers' comp benefits are not only valuable but also often necessary. In severe situations, this can offset the harms caused by the inability to work because of a disabling injury. In other cases, it can be beneficial to address the medical bills associated with their treatment and recovery. No matter the reason for applying for workers' compensation, it is important to understand your rights, options and the application process.

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