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Repetitive stress injuries and workers' compensation

Workers in Mississippi and elsewhere understand that the work environment requires him or her to carry out certain tasks. For some, these tasks are rather repetitive. While this is not uncommon, it could be the underlying cause for a worker dealing with a workplace injury that is getting progressively worse.

A repetitive stress injury may not seem as severe as other work injuries, such as a fall; however, this type of injury could be very impactful and even cause the worker to be unable to work for some time. There are various types of conditions, and understanding whether one is suffering from one could help with the process of obtaining workers' compensation.

There are seven common types of repetitive stress injuries. The first is bursitis, which is when there is inflammation and swelling of the fluid filled sac that is around the joint of the knee, elbow and shoulder. The next is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is the inflammation of the wrist. That can lead to the pinching or twisting of the median nerve that passes through the wrist. Dupuytren's contracture is the thickening of deep tissue of the palms and fingers.

The fourth type is epicondylitis, which is also known as tennis elbow. Rotator cuff syndrome is the fifth type, and occurs when there is the inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the shoulder. Endonitis involves the inflammation of a tendon or the lining over the tendon. The final common type is ganglion cyst, which is when a sac of fluid forms around a joint or a tendon of the finger or wrist.

Suffering from a repetitive stress injury or any other type of work injury could seriously impact an individual. He or she is not only suffering the pain associate with the injury but they are also dealing with the financial hardship caused by the inability to work. In these cases, seeking workers' compensation is often necessary.

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