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Working while receiving SSD benefits

There are many events that can completely change a person's life. Suffering a disabling injury or condition is on of them. Whether it was a sudden onset or progressed over time, living with a disability can present some challenges. This is especially true for those unable to work in a position that they once were able to.

A reduced or lack of income can make paying bills impossible. In order to offset this, individuals could apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

These benefits help those unable to engage in substantial gainful activity. The funds provided through this program are used to meet basic living expenses. While many who are unable to work seek these benefits, it is important to note that one could still work and receive SSD benefits.

If one is still able to work in a limited capacity, it I still possible to qualify for SSD benefits. The Social Security Administration has a special set of rules for this type of work activity. It is known as work incentives. Each year, a substantial gainful activity amount is set. This monthly income helps the SSA determine if one is disabled or not. For 2019, this amount is $1,220 or less a month and $2,040 for those that are blind.

In order to work and still receive SSD benefits, one must be living with a condition that limits his or her ability to do basic activities. This can include lifting, walking or remembering. This condition must last at least 12 months. For those who want to continue working in some capacity after receiving SSD benefits, benefits are likely to continue if you make less than $880 a month. However, if you start to make more than that after deducting any expenses, benefits could end. First, a trial work period will begin, and if it is determined that one can engage in substantial gainful activity, benefits will end.

Living with a disability can present challenges from time to time. This is true if the ability to work in constrained by one's disability. In order to address any financial concerns related to one's disability, it is important to consider SSD benefits and how you could qualify for them.

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