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How do I appeal a Social Security disability benefits denial?

Unfortunately, most claims for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied, which is why it is helpful for disabled individuals to be familiar with their different appeals options and for them not to despair if their claim for benefits has initially been denied. It is also equally helpful for disabled individuals to be prepared to submit a strong an initial application as possible and to be familiar with the application and appeals processes.

In addition to Social Security disability or SSD benefits have been denied, if they have been modified or terminated, disabled individuals also have the right to appeal. There are several levels of appeal and they may vary slightly by state so it is useful to be familiar with the Social Security disability appeals process in your state. The four levels of appeal include a request for reconsideration; a hearing before an administrative law judge; a review by the Social Security Administration Appeals Council and an appeal to federal court.

Each of the steps in the appeals process has its own rules and procedures and there are important timelines associated with the process that disabled individuals need to be familiar with. A request for reconsideration involves a new review of the claim by a different reviewer. If the claim remains denied, the disabled applicant can request a hearing before an administrative law judge; it is essential to be prepared for the haring and to know what to expect.

Next, the Appeals Council may or may not review the disabled applicant's claim for benefits so those appealing should also be familiar with how that option works. The final option for relief if the claim remains denied, is to appeal to the federal court.

The process of appealing a denied claim for SSD benefits can be complex and challenging, which is why disabled applicants should ensure they have every question answered and are prepared for their appeal. Disability benefits are vital for many disabled individuals and their families, and are something they may rely on, so they should ensure they understand their appeals rights and options.

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