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What role does work history play in Social Security disability?

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is based off of two things including a medical condition that causes disability and work history. Disabled applicants need to qualify based on both their disability and work history credits so they should be familiar with how work history credits work.

Work history credits are earned when the disabled applicant works in jobs covered by Social Security that pay into Social Security. Social Security work history credits are based on the wages or self-employment income the applicant earns over the year and it is possible to earn up to four work credits a year. The amount of earnings needed to earn a work credit varies by year to disabled applicants should be familiar with the number needed when they are applying.

The number of work history credits needed to claim Social Security disability benefits also depends on the age of the disabled applicant when they become disabled and are seeking benefits. In general, 40 work history credits are needed to claim Social Security benefits and 20 of those work history credits needs to be earned in the 10 years prior to the disabled applicant becoming disabled. It is important for disabled applicants to understand how these requirements work and how they can meet them.

Social Security disability benefits are designed to help disabled individuals in need of support as they struggle with a disability that is severe enough that it prevents them from being able to work. Because work history is an important component for qualifying for benefits, it is essential for disabled applicants to be aware of the different components an application for Social Security disability benefits is evaluated based upon.

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