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Are disability benefits available for mental health conditions?

Social Security disability benefits may be available for a variety of different types of including if the disabled individual suffers from a disability because of a physical health condition or mental health condition they suffer from. As is true of physical health conditions, if the disabled individual's mental condition is severe enough that it prevents them from working, they may be able to claim Social Security disability benefits.

Depending on the severity of the disabled applicant's mental condition, and whether or not it prevents them from working, they may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. The way that is works is that the Social Security Administration maintains a list of mental impairments recognized as inherently disabling. Those suffering from mental impairments on the list are presumed to be unable to perform substantial gainful activity.

The Social Security Administration determines, using the disabled individual's medical records and other materials, if the symptoms the disabled individual suffers from meets the criteria for a mental impairment on the list. Examples of mental impairments that may qualify for Social Security disability for mental health conditions include depression; anxiety; bipolar disorder; schizophrenia; autistic disorders; and mental retardation. Even if the mental condition the disabled individual suffers from is not on the list, they may still be able to demonstrate that they qualify for benefits.

It is essential to understand how applications for Social Security disability for mental conditions are evaluated and to understand the process generally. Knowing how an application will be assessed can help disabled applicants better position themselves to receive the SSD benefits they really need.

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