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What are repetitive stress injuries and what can I do about them?

Repetitive stress injuries are serious injuries workers can suffer in the workplace. They can come on, and worsen, over time and can have a debilitating impact on workers and their ability to work and earn a living. As a result, workers suffering from a repetitive stress, or strain, injury should know what they can do about it.

Repetitive stress injuries result from a gradual build up of damage to muscles, tendons and nerves that is caused by repetitive motions. Repetitive stress injuries can result in construction jobs, office jobs and on assembly lines and in other types of work as well. Repetitive stress injuries can be painful for workers suffering from them and can also be difficult to treat. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits and other options may be available to help workers suffering from a repetitive stress injury or other types of injuries suffered on the job.

Some common types of repetitive stress injuries can include carpal tunnel syndrome; bursitis; tendinitis; rotator cuff injuries; or tennis elbow, among others that are possible. Repetitive stress injuries can commonly impact hands, wrists, forearms, elbows and the neck and shoulders. Symptoms of repetitive stress injuries can be painful and include mild to severe pain, tenderness, swelling, stiffness, numbness and tingling, throbbing, weakness and cold or heat sensitivity. Sitting for long periods of time, lifting heavy loads or repeated motions can all lead to repetitive stress injuries.

Most occupations involve some type of repetitive motion that injured workers can suffer from so workers in that situation should know what to do. Workers suffering from a work injury can obtain help with their medical expenses to treat the injury and lost wages while away from work recovering from their injury through workers' compensation benefits all workers should be familiar with.

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