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The Social Security compassionate allowance program

Social Security disability benefits may be available to Mississippi residents who qualify under the terms of the various programs and are in need of financial assistance. Applying for and getting approved to receive such benefits can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, though. For some individuals, waiting to find out if they qualify for benefits can be a difficult process, especially if the wait is far longer than expected.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that some disabling conditions are so significant and have such profound effects on the bodies of those that are afflicted that they should allow for automatic approvals for disability benefits. Certain cancers, brain disorders and specific childhood illnesses and conditions are considered compassionate allowance illnesses that fast-track applicants approvals for disability benefit support.

Individuals who wish to apply for Social Security disability benefits should investigate if their illnesses or injuries qualify for compassionate allowance consideration. If they do, an applicant may be able to reduce the amount of time that they must wait to get help by a significant amount of time.

Disability benefits are an important lifeline for men, women and children who are financially challenged and who suffer from illnesses, injuries and other ailments that prevent them from performing substantial gainful activities. When a disability has persisted or will persist for a long time, and a person cannot work to the extent they need to support themselves, they may benefit from speaking with a disability benefits attorney to find out more about the various programs. This post, like all others on this blog, is offered as information only. Its contents should not be read as legal advice or guidance.

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