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Workplace injuries and securing workers' compensation

Going to work can feel like a very routine task for individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere. While a person's job is heavily relied on for income and the ability to afford daily living expenses, a career can also offer an individual purpose and enjoyment. Thus, when a worker is harmed at work, finding it challenging or impossible to work because of his or her injury, this can be extremely detrimental, as it impacts the work both physically and financially.

Following a workplace injury, it is common for an injured worker to file for workers' compensation benefits. While many workers obtain these benefits in such a situation, others find it difficult to secure these necessary benefits. Whether an injured worker is experiencing resistance from their employer or their insurance company, the legal team at Kyle Robertson, PLLC can help you successfully navigate these matters.

For those needing assistance with the initial application, our law firm takes the time to fully assess the situation and the facts of the matter. This helps ensure all documents and medical evidence is provided in the claim. For those experiencing pushback or who have been denied workers' comp, our legal team can step in, helping with any negotiation, mediation or litigation that may take place. Additionally, for denied claims, our law firm is knowledgeable of the appeals process, and is available to help clients through this and any other phase of the process.

To learn more, check out our law firm's work injuries website. Filing for workers' compensation benefits not only helps an injured worker address the initial harms associated with the injury, such as medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages, but it could also help one get back to work. Thus, it is important that injured workers, no matter the type of injury or industry that they work in, understand their rights and options following a workplace accident.

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