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How can workers' compensation help injured workers?

When workers are injured on the job in Mississippi, they may wonder what to do. Workers' compensation benefits provide important protections for injured workers or workers suffering from an occupational illness and because of how important they are, workers need to be familiar with them.

Workers' compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families with medical care and medical care costs. Additionally, workers' compensation benefits can help with temporary partial disability, permanent partial disability or permanent total disability. Each case is different so it is important for injured workers to be familiar with the different workers' compensation options that are available to them. Additionally, death benefits may be available to surviving family members when a loved one has been killed in a fatal workplace accident.

How to qualify for Social Security disability benefits

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits can be crucial for disabled individuals who need help with their everyday expenses. Social Security disability (SSD) benefits can be challenging to obtain which is why disabled individuals should be familiar with the process of qualifying for benefits.

It is important for disabled individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits to understand that there is an initial application process but that there is also an appeals process because many applications for benefits are initially denied. Trained guidance throughout the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits, and appealing a denial of benefits if necessary, can be helpful. Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is based on medical condition and work history.

Can you qualify for SSD benefits for burnout?

Being overworked and under-rested is the norm in the United States. Most of us have difficulty disconnecting from our jobs. Some of us need to work several jobs just to make ends meet, which greatly reduces any rest and relaxation time we might otherwise enjoy.

If allowed to continue for too long, this constant stress and overexertion can lead to burnout. You may be wondering: Is this a condition that qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits? That’s what we’ll discuss in today’s post.

Get the workers' comp benefits you deserve

Whether it is obvious or not, there are dangers in all work environments. This could range from carpal tunnel due to typing at a compute for long periods of time to heavy machinery injuries due to equipment malfunctioning. Regardless is the accident was caused by negligence or not, an injured worker has the right to take steps to recover losses suffered due to the injuries suffered.

It may seem like a simple and straightforward process when one seeks workers' compensation benefits. However, injured workers may experience obstacles and resistance from one's employer or insurance company. At Kyle Robertson, PLLC, our legal team understands the process, and our goal is to get our clients on the same page. Our law firm knows the laws, and we seek to protect the rights of injured workers in the Laurel area.

OSHA's Safety Stand-Down highlights dangers of falling

Every year since 2012, OSHA announces its National Safety Stand-down week. This event, celebrated nationally, raises awareness of falls in the construction industry.

Of the 971 construction fatalities in 2017, 366 were preventable falls. OSHA efforts include educating employers, supervisors and workers on safety policies and protective gear.

Production facilities that lack lockout devices lack protection

There are plenty of dangerous machines at factories and production facilities. All it takes is one wrong move for a worker to get stuck and lose a limb or even their life. Thankfully, safety measures have been taken over the years to ensure that workers have plenty of training and warning signs when they are about to operate harmful machinery.

Some of the primary contributing factors to this decrease in injuries include lockout devices and procedures. According to OSHA, these can prevent around 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries every year. Unfortunately, not every company has adopted these policies into their equipment and training. A recent incident at a Mississippi plastic manufacturer demonstrates the dangers of not implementing these safety protocols.

Overexertion tops list of most expensive work injuries

According to a recent report compiled by referring to government statistics and other academic resources, injuries related to overexertion when lifting or otherwise manipulating heavy objects are the most expensive type of work-related injury.

The report attributed $13.1 billion in annual losses and expenses to work injuries related to overexertion. These types of injuries could include strains on a worker's back or related conditions that can develop over time when a worker must repeatedly move heavy objects.

Working while receiving SSD benefits

There are many events that can completely change a person's life. Suffering a disabling injury or condition is on of them. Whether it was a sudden onset or progressed over time, living with a disability can present some challenges. This is especially true for those unable to work in a position that they once were able to.

A reduced or lack of income can make paying bills impossible. In order to offset this, individuals could apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Helping you recover the workers' comp you are entitled to

No one expects to suffer an injury in the workplace. Individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere can work for an employer for decades without any concerns or issues; however, a sudden incident could leave an employee severely injured and unable to work while he or she recovers. This can be painful and overwhelming, causing one to question what could be done to address this matter.

This is often when workers' compensation benefits could come into play. However, applying for these benefits is not always simple and straightforward. In fact, some injured workers may encounter resistance from his or her employer or their insurance company when it comes to recovering workers' comp. Thus, it is important to understand what could be done to address this situation.

Repetitive stress injuries and workers' compensation

Workers in Mississippi and elsewhere understand that the work environment requires him or her to carry out certain tasks. For some, these tasks are rather repetitive. While this is not uncommon, it could be the underlying cause for a worker dealing with a workplace injury that is getting progressively worse.

A repetitive stress injury may not seem as severe as other work injuries, such as a fall; however, this type of injury could be very impactful and even cause the worker to be unable to work for some time. There are various types of conditions, and understanding whether one is suffering from one could help with the process of obtaining workers' compensation.


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