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Mississippi outranks other states in denying disability claims

When one suffers an injury or is diagnosed with an illness, many things run through a person's mind. While the initial focus is likely on recovery and getting better, so he or she can return to their normal life, income and the ability to work are also a likely concern. When an injury or illness causes the inability to work for individuals in our state and elsewhere, a person is likely to search for options to address this financial concern. This is where Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could come into play.

According to recent reports, the state of Mississippi outranks its neighboring states when it comes to denying disability claims. The state has the lowest rate in the area when it comes to allowances for initial applications and filings for reconsideration. This conclusion is based on data collected by the regional Social Security Administration (SSA) office located in Atlanta.

Workplace injuries and securing workers' compensation

Going to work can feel like a very routine task for individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere. While a person's job is heavily relied on for income and the ability to afford daily living expenses, a career can also offer an individual purpose and enjoyment. Thus, when a worker is harmed at work, finding it challenging or impossible to work because of his or her injury, this can be extremely detrimental, as it impacts the work both physically and financially.

Following a workplace injury, it is common for an injured worker to file for workers' compensation benefits. While many workers obtain these benefits in such a situation, others find it difficult to secure these necessary benefits. Whether an injured worker is experiencing resistance from their employer or their insurance company, the legal team at Kyle Robertson, PLLC can help you successfully navigate these matters.

The Social Security compassionate allowance program

Social Security disability benefits may be available to Mississippi residents who qualify under the terms of the various programs and are in need of financial assistance. Applying for and getting approved to receive such benefits can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, though. For some individuals, waiting to find out if they qualify for benefits can be a difficult process, especially if the wait is far longer than expected.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that some disabling conditions are so significant and have such profound effects on the bodies of those that are afflicted that they should allow for automatic approvals for disability benefits. Certain cancers, brain disorders and specific childhood illnesses and conditions are considered compassionate allowance illnesses that fast-track applicants approvals for disability benefit support.

Work injuries are common for nursing professionals

Nurses are important professionals in the medical field. While doctors are often the parties that see, diagnose, and operate on patients, nurses maintain patients' health through the administration of treatment plans, medications, and other processes. In Mississippi, nurses make a significant difference in the lives of medical patients in offices, clinics, hospitals, and care facilities.

However, despite the care and compassion that they exhibit to the patients on daily basis, nurses are often hurt and harmed in the course of their work. Work injuries affect nurses each day and cause some nurses to miss work and require support to make ends meet. Some workplace injuries may allow nurses to pursue workers' compensation, but all work injury cases should be discussed with victims' own attorneys.

Avoiding common ladder-related injuries

Ladders are a necessity in many occupations, including construction, warehouses, maintenance and repair and even the service industry. But a fall from ladder can result in serious injuries that may interfere with your ability to perform your job.

The most recent statistics show that ladder-related incidents account for over 20,000 workplace injuries. Often times, ladder accidents are entirely preventable. Knowing this, it can make a ladder-related injury all the more frustrating.

How is the disability onset date determined for SSD purposes?

Because Social Security Disability benefits are based on the disabled applicant suffering from a disabling medical condition that prevents them from working, when they first began to suffer from their disability is part of the process of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits. As a result, those seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits should know how the disability onset date is established.

The disability onset date refers to the date the disabled individual became unable to work because of their disabling medical condition. The disability onset date can impact the disabled individual's length of benefits and when their Social Security Disability benefits begin which is why knowing how the disability onset date is determined is so critical for disabled applicants to understand.

What workers' compensation can provide to injured workers

Workers' compensation benefits in Mississippi are a valuable resource available to injured workers that can help them through a vulnerable period in their lives following a workplace injury. Workers' compensation benefits can help injured workers with many of the struggles they face after being hurt on the job which is why they should be familiar with what those resources look like.

Workers' compensation benefits include benefits for medical services and equipment that are reasonably necessary and it is also important to be aware that the injured worker is free to choose their own medical care provider. Death benefits are also available for surviving spouses and some dependents if the worker dies because of a workplace injury or illness. Funeral expenses up to $5,000 may be available to surviving family members of workers killed on the job. It is important to note that workers' compensation benefits are available to workers who are injured on the job or suffer from a workplace illness.

What workers can do if they have suffered catastrophic injury

It is one thing to be hurt at work but when workers suffer serious and catastrophic injuries on the job, their livelihood and future may be implicated for the long term.

Workers' compensation benefits are an important type of benefit available to injured workers to help them through the challenges they face when they are seriously injured on the job.

Fatal workplace accidents by the numbers

Fatal workplace accidents can leave families left behind facing many challenges which is also true of non-fatal workplace accidents and the harm they can cause injured workers. During 2017, the number of fatal workplace injuries in Mississippi equaled 90 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That was an increase of 19 additional fatal workplace injuries from the previous year. In total, there were 5,147 fatal workplace injuries throughout the country during 2017.

Transportation injuries accounted for 61% of fatal workplace injuries in Mississippi during 2017. Transportation injuries also accounted for the highest percentage of fatal workplace injuries nationally during 2017. Private industry accounted for 73% of the 90 fatal workplace accidents and construction, manufacturing, transportation and the warehousing industry sectors accounted for 38 of the fatalities. Fatalities in the construction and private manufacturing sectors were up, while private transportation and warehousing fatal injuries were down.

Are disability benefits available for mental health conditions?

Social Security disability benefits may be available for a variety of different types of including if the disabled individual suffers from a disability because of a physical health condition or mental health condition they suffer from. As is true of physical health conditions, if the disabled individual's mental condition is severe enough that it prevents them from working, they may be able to claim Social Security disability benefits.

Depending on the severity of the disabled applicant's mental condition, and whether or not it prevents them from working, they may qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. The way that is works is that the Social Security Administration maintains a list of mental impairments recognized as inherently disabling. Those suffering from mental impairments on the list are presumed to be unable to perform substantial gainful activity.


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