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Mississippi outranks other states in denying disability claims

When one suffers an injury or is diagnosed with an illness, many things run through a person's mind. While the initial focus is likely on recovery and getting better, so he or she can return to their normal life, income and the ability to work are also a likely concern. When an injury or illness causes the inability to work for individuals in our state and elsewhere, a person is likely to search for options to address this financial concern. This is where Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could come into play.

Workplace injuries and securing workers' compensation

Going to work can feel like a very routine task for individuals in Mississippi and elsewhere. While a person's job is heavily relied on for income and the ability to afford daily living expenses, a career can also offer an individual purpose and enjoyment. Thus, when a worker is harmed at work, finding it challenging or impossible to work because of his or her injury, this can be extremely detrimental, as it impacts the work both physically and financially.

The Social Security compassionate allowance program

Social Security disability benefits may be available to Mississippi residents who qualify under the terms of the various programs and are in need of financial assistance. Applying for and getting approved to receive such benefits can be a lengthy and cumbersome process, though. For some individuals, waiting to find out if they qualify for benefits can be a difficult process, especially if the wait is far longer than expected.

Work injuries are common for nursing professionals

Nurses are important professionals in the medical field. While doctors are often the parties that see, diagnose, and operate on patients, nurses maintain patients' health through the administration of treatment plans, medications, and other processes. In Mississippi, nurses make a significant difference in the lives of medical patients in offices, clinics, hospitals, and care facilities.


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