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May 2019 Archives

How can workers' compensation help injured workers?

When workers are injured on the job in Mississippi, they may wonder what to do. Workers' compensation benefits provide important protections for injured workers or workers suffering from an occupational illness and because of how important they are, workers need to be familiar with them.

How to qualify for Social Security disability benefits

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits can be crucial for disabled individuals who need help with their everyday expenses. Social Security disability (SSD) benefits can be challenging to obtain which is why disabled individuals should be familiar with the process of qualifying for benefits.

Can you qualify for SSD benefits for burnout?

Being overworked and under-rested is the norm in the United States. Most of us have difficulty disconnecting from our jobs. Some of us need to work several jobs just to make ends meet, which greatly reduces any rest and relaxation time we might otherwise enjoy.

Get the workers' comp benefits you deserve

Whether it is obvious or not, there are dangers in all work environments. This could range from carpal tunnel due to typing at a compute for long periods of time to heavy machinery injuries due to equipment malfunctioning. Regardless is the accident was caused by negligence or not, an injured worker has the right to take steps to recover losses suffered due to the injuries suffered.

Production facilities that lack lockout devices lack protection

There are plenty of dangerous machines at factories and production facilities. All it takes is one wrong move for a worker to get stuck and lose a limb or even their life. Thankfully, safety measures have been taken over the years to ensure that workers have plenty of training and warning signs when they are about to operate harmful machinery.


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