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Sedentary work and appealing SSD benefits claim

Living with a disability can be challenging. It can cause one to no longer live life as they once did. Whether this is only temporarily or permanently, this can cause one to question what they can do to address any financial concerns because of this. Being unable to work because of a disability can present many financial challenges, one of them being unable to meet his or her basic living needs. Thus, it is vital to explore one's option to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

When an individual applies for SSD benefits, there is a chance that he or she could be initially denied. This is what will spark the appeals process. The Social Security Administration may seek additional information or proof that not only he or she is suffering from a qualifying disability but also that the limitations caused by the disabling injury or illness prevents them from doing their most recent job as well as a less demanding job within his or her ability.

For younger workers, this can be especially difficult, as there is a belief that these applicants are able to adjust to an employment type where they will sit down during the workday. This essentially implies that even though they have an impairment, this adjustment could allow them to still work. Sedentary work means that the applicant can lift more than 10 pounds, can stand or walk for more than a total of 2 hour combined and can sit for 6 hours of an 8 hour work day. If one can prove that they can do less than sedentary work, then they have a good chance of being approved for SSD benefits.

The application process for SSD benefits may seem straightforward; however, many initial applications are denied. Whether you are filing your initial application, have encountered issues or have been denied benefits, it is vital to explore your options when it comes to filing for benefits or appealing a denied application.

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