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New program in Mississippi helps disabled individuals

Social Security Disability benefits are a lifeline for many disabled individuals. A new program in Mississippi will allow disabled individuals receiving Social Security Disability benefits to work and save money without losing their benefits. Programs like Social Security Disability and Medicaid include limits on assets that may result in benefits being suspended if the disabled individual exceeds those limits. In some circumstances, the asset limit can be as low as $2,000. The current limits can in turn limit the amount of assistance disabled individuals receive from family members so the limits are not violated.

A new law allows disabled individuals to set aside money that is tax free if it is spent on disability-related expenses that qualify. The new program will allow disabled individuals to save up to $15,000 annually to pay for medical procedures, monthly expenses or other qualifying expenses under the law. Supporters believe the new law will encourage financial independence for disabled individuals who qualify for the program. Participation is limited to those who became disabled prior to the age of 26.

Additionally, there are important details about the new program disabled individuals wishing to enjoy its benefits should be familiar with. Social Security Disability eligibility is based on suffering from a disabling medical condition that prevents the disabled individual from working, and having the necessary work history to qualify to receive benefits. Because there are complexities associated with qualifying and applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it is important for disabled individuals and their families to know as much about SSD benefits as possible.

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