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Important details about workers' compensation benefits

Workers' compensation benefits can be an essential lifeline to help get injured workers and their families through the aftermath of a workplace injury. The benefits available to them can help meet their medical and wage-loss needs during a difficult time as they attempt to recover from the harm suffered at work.

Workers' compensation is, in essence, a no-fault insurance system that is paid for entirely by employers. It provides invaluable medical and wage loss benefits to workers injured on-the-job. This means that workers' compensation benefits provide important protections to injured workers, with few exceptions, regardless of how they have been injured on the job. In addition, employers with greater than 5 employees are required to provide workers' compensation coverage. Most workers are covered but there are some exceptions workers should be aware of.

Workers who are injured within the scope of their employment and within the course of their employment may be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. Injured workers should be aware that they are permitted to choose a doctor that they wish to receive their medical care and treatment from. Any payments due to the injured worker are paid by the employer or the employer's insurer. Death benefits may also be available in circumstances of fatal workplace accidents.

Overall, there is a lot to know about workers' compensation benefits but the bottom line is that they can help injured workers in Mississippi with the recovery process and the challenges they face when injured on the job. As a result, injured workers and their families should know as much about the process as possible to help them secure these valuable benefits.

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