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How is the disability onset date determined for SSD purposes?

Because Social Security Disability benefits are based on the disabled applicant suffering from a disabling medical condition that prevents them from working, when they first began to suffer from their disability is part of the process of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits. As a result, those seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits should know how the disability onset date is established.

The disability onset date refers to the date the disabled individual became unable to work because of their disabling medical condition. The disability onset date can impact the disabled individual's length of benefits and when their Social Security Disability benefits begin which is why knowing how the disability onset date is determined is so critical for disabled applicants to understand.

The onset date of disability may be determined several different ways. The onset date of disability may be established through the disabled applicant's statements, medical records and work history. The disabled applicant's application for SSD benefits will include the date their disability began which they will need to disclose for purposes of their application for benefits. The date that the disabled applicant had to quit working will also be retained as part of the applicant's claim. Medical evidence will also be evaluated and used to determine the disabled applicant's disability onset date.

Disabilities that occur because of a traumatic event or mental medical condition are also determined according to those situations so it is also helpful for disabled applicants to be familiar with those processes. Disabled individuals seeking Social Security Disability benefits can face a variety of challenges when seeking benefits which is why they should be familiar with how the date they became disabled is determined for purposes of their application for benefits.

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