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Mississippi outranks other states in denying disability claims

When one suffers an injury or is diagnosed with an illness, many things run through a person's mind. While the initial focus is likely on recovery and getting better, so he or she can return to their normal life, income and the ability to work are also a likely concern. When an injury or illness causes the inability to work for individuals in our state and elsewhere, a person is likely to search for options to address this financial concern. This is where Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits could come into play.

According to recent reports, the state of Mississippi outranks its neighboring states when it comes to denying disability claims. The state has the lowest rate in the area when it comes to allowances for initial applications and filings for reconsideration. This conclusion is based on data collected by the regional Social Security Administration (SSA) office located in Atlanta.

Based on this data, the Mississippi Disability Determination Services allowed three out of every 10 initial claims filed in the state. Additionally, only six out of every 100 claims for reconsideration were approved. It was found that the state processed 38,884 initial claims during the fiscal year of 2019, as well as 12,815 reconsiderations. In addition to handling these claims, this agency also addressed 12,218 continuing disability reviews, which determined if a claimant is still disabled.

Securing SSD benefits is often necessary, which is why it is difficult to hear that the SSA has denied an applicant's initial application for these benefits. Taking steps to ensure that an application is accurate, detailed and complete could assist an applicant. And, even when an application is denied, this is not the end of the road. Seeking reconsideration or filing an appeal is a possible step to take, making it imperative that individuals understand the process and what rights they are afforded.

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