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Work injuries are common for nursing professionals

Nurses are important professionals in the medical field. While doctors are often the parties that see, diagnose, and operate on patients, nurses maintain patients' health through the administration of treatment plans, medications, and other processes. In Mississippi, nurses make a significant difference in the lives of medical patients in offices, clinics, hospitals, and care facilities.

However, despite the care and compassion that they exhibit to the patients on daily basis, nurses are often hurt and harmed in the course of their work. Work injuries affect nurses each day and cause some nurses to miss work and require support to make ends meet. Some workplace injuries may allow nurses to pursue workers' compensation, but all work injury cases should be discussed with victims' own attorneys.

Among nurses, back injuries are some of the most common forms of harm that they may face while on the job. Nurses help support patients when they get up, move into beds, and even during active medical events like labor and delivery. Back strain and more serious back harm can prevent nurses from doing their jobs.

Additionally, as nurses are often the professionals administering medications, they face accidental needlestick injuries with some regularity. Not only are the actual sticks painful injuries to nurses, but when they happen they introduce patients' medications, illnesses, and other substances into the nurses' bodies. Nurses also face harm when patients become angry and use force or violence to harm the nurses charged with their care.

Nurse injuries are common in a field where the professionals spend their days working directly with those who are in need. This post does not provide any legal advice and advises readers that its contents are offered only as information on a broad and complex legal topic.

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